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Men with a small penis often suffer from stress and anxiety. They lack self-confidence and feel they cannot satisfy their partner. The solution to this problem is penis enlargement surgery. You no longer have to worry about your penis size as penis enlargement surgery in India is available in all states. The presence of a small penis not only creates insecurity but also affects the psychological state of the individual. In extreme cases, it also leads to suicide. Ideally, apart from those with a small penis, even those with painful erections or penile tissue damage can undergo penis enlargement surgery. Demand for surgical procedures is low and limited to men with birth defects or injuries. There are several surgical procedures for penis enlargement. However, below are the most common and cost-effective procedures. Penile lengthening surgery enlarges the penis at rest by 25% of its length. In some cases, it can be increased up to 4 cm. However, the change in the length of the penis becomes noticeable only after surgery. The operation increases the length of the penis by cutting the suspensory ligament and attaching the penis to the pubic bone, and the skin of the abdomen is moved to the shaft of the penis. After that, the ligament is cut and the penis appears longer than before. The patient must be in good health to undergo this procedure. The operation takes about 2 hours, after which the patient can go home. The pain persists for about 2-3 weeks after surgery. They may also notice redness or swelling in the area. Patients are advised not to masturbate for approximately 6 weeks after surgery. The size of the penis is enlarged in men with a thin penis. It enlarges the diameter of the penis up to 50% of its normal size. Liposuction is a common procedure used to remove fat from areas such as the abdomen, waist, and pubic area. The fat is cleaned and injected around the shaft of the penis. After the operation, erection pain and swelling of the penis will be felt for about a week. However, this can be managed with painkillers.

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