Penis Enlargement Treatment

Penis size can be a sensitive subject for people with penises. Although pills, injections, pumps, and surgery are regularly marketed to those in search of larger penises, some are more effective than others. Moreover, the risk of certain procedures, like surgery, can outweigh the presumed benefits. There are many reasons why a person might seek penile augmentation. There may be medical, such as problems with fertility or the ability to urinate, and/or psychological reasons that directly impact a person's self-esteem or quality of life. In some cases, a person's penis might be genuinely smaller due to a genetic or hormonal disorder that causes micropenis Micropenis is defined as a stretched penis length of under inches. Having a penis this size may interfere with a person's ability to direct a urine stream. It can also make sexual intercourse difficult and decrease the odds of conceiving. Penile augmentation is often pursued by people who think that their penis is too small or have a medical condition that affects the penis size. This includes people with congenital disorders like micropenis or microphallus, who have experienced a loss of penis length due to surgery or Peyronie's disease, or have a "buried penis." Psychological reasons are often better addressed with counseling. No home remedy, exercise, supplement, cream, or device has ever proven effective in significantly increasing penis size. Some devices, like vacuum pumps, may increase girth by creating scar tissue but can also permanently injure the penis if overused. Specialist treatments used to increase penile girth include injectable fillers and fat-grafting surgery. Penile length may be increased with more invasive surgeries such as V-Y plasty and penile disassembly, although they come with significant risks

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