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Only a few years back, visiting a sexologist was a big taboo. People would never feel comfortable sharing their intimate moments. Lately, as societies have become advanced, People are gradually getting liberal about such issues regarding sexual problems started visiting sexologists more often. Sexologists now claim to have more clientele than ever before. Stressful competitive lives, ego clashes, and individualistic thinking destroy couples' ability to enjoy intimacy to a large extent. Thus, in general, there is a greater need for sexologist help in present times. Sex is strongly linked to our physical, emotional, and psychosocial health and determines our relationships and happiness to a large extent. For many, sex is the most exciting part of a relationship and gives immense pleasure and contentment. For such couples, it is a pillar of strength as they derive confidence and trust in their relationship through a good sex life. Unfortunately, this does not hold true for many partners. Many struggles to find answers to their problems. Many struggles with failed relationships and fail to enjoy the act itself. Human relationships are quite complex and sex is an indispensable part of it. Understanding and dealing with sexual issues require a lot of sensitivity.

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  • Sexologist Doctor in Tilak Nagar
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