Marriage Counseling

Marriage is the union of not only two individuals but the coming together of their families and friends. Couples, be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, have a number of things to consider and agree upon for their relationship to be successful. Although they talk about everything under the sun from children to house to finances, one subject that rarely receives much consideration is sex. Even if both partners have had sex with other people in the past and are sexually active in their current relationship, they shy away from discussing it with each other in most cases. In recent times, many couples have opted to discuss the sexual aspect of their impending marriage with a sex counsellor. The concept of pre-marital sexual counselling is at a nascent stage and is frowned upon and looked down upon by society as a whole. But it is almost imperative to not only educate couples about sex but also to make them aware of their and their partner’s sexual needs and preferences.

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  • Marriage Counseling in Tilak Nagar
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